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I am here to narrate stories that convey emotions, moods, give ideas and messages that, in some cases, I won't spell out. It is up to you to do the reading. Interested? Then kindly click on GALLERIES and you will be surfing through forty one theme based galleries which display 1358 black and white as well as colour photographs.

The galleries' titles are:

The Cycle / La Linea / Naked / Intimate / Resilience / Solitude / Feelings / Sentimental Tomar / Winter Wonderland / The East Coast / Precambrians II / Harsh / AutoWreck-AutoNew / Body Parts / Mennonite Country / Badlands / Precambrians / Auto Wreck / Diagonals / Artistic Nudes / More Portraits / Legs / The Wave / Andrea in Black and White / Black and White Portraits / War Reenactments / Interpreters from Living Museums / The Colorado Plateau / Watkins Glenn State Park

This site will evolve and grow as I continue to explore and discover new and fascinating subjects.
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