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Showing: October 12 to October 24, 2010
Opening reception: Thursday, October 14 from 7:00 to 9:00pm

Art Square Gallery

334 Dundas St W, Toronto

Please note: All the images of this exhibition are shown in The Galleries under the title of AutoWreck-AutoNew.

AutoWreck-AutoNew is a powerful collection of images intended to tease and touch the viewer's soul. To find the elements needed to produce these images, I carefully explored a wide range of new and abandoned cars. The camera was used as a sketching tool and the mouse as a paintbrush. At the beginning, the compositions were geometrical and the colours were subdued. However, slowly the images emerged as bright, contrasting, spontaneous abstracts exploding with colour reminiscent of Fauvism.

photo1906 photo3529 photo2046 photo3046 photo3119 photo3486


This second exhibition was to close to the first one... It has been a very intense year but I accomplished what I wanted to do. The THANKS go to all those people who have continuously supported me in this past year, to my guests at the opening and to those who bought my photographs. A special THANK YOU to my nephew Rui, who was the official photographer for the night.

Here are some snap-shots of the photographs' display and the opening reception:

photo3989 photo3991 photo3994 photo3995 photo3999 photo4002 photo4019 photo4021 photo4044 photo4049 photo4061 photo4062