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Showing: June 21 to July 5, 2010
Opening reception: Tuesday, June 22, from 7:00 to 10:00pm

Art Square Gallery

334 Dundas St W, Toronto

Please note: All the images of this exhibition are shown in The Galleries under the title of Diagonals and Precambrians.

Contrast and Similarity is a comparison between the diagonal images of Toronto's skyscrapers and the dynamic abstracts of the Precambrian rock formations. Bright colours, smooth surfaces, straight and sharp lines and geometrical shapes in the first and more subdued natural colours and rough surfaces and edges in the latter have resulted in a collection of bold, colourful, delicate and powerful images.

Diagonals is a study of the Toronto's architecture that started with some casual snap-shots. Soon I discovered interesting lines, geometrical shapes, patterns, textures and reflections. I also noticed that the images became stronger when they were photographed diagonally. However, I felt that something more personal was needed, so I started to change the colours with editing software. I am intrigued by contrast and bright colours and by applying them to the images I rendered them complete.

Precambrians is a photographic continuation of Diagonals. The rocks were in liquid state approximately four billion years ago and when they cooled down, layers of different shades of pink and grey formed. With the construction and widening of Highway 69, around Parry Sound, the rocks were cut open revealing dynamic abstract formations. Here again, strong lines, patterns, textures and various shapes formed by nature and the work of humans inspired me.

photo2342 photo7916 photo2298 photo6686 photo2359 photo5332


This first exhibition was a learning experience. For the support that I received, a big THANK YOU goes to my wife, family, friends, those who bought my photographs, those who left comments on my guest book and all those who came to see the show. A special THANK YOU to my niece, Amanda, who was the official photographer for the night.

Here are some snap-shots of the photographs' display and the opening reception:

photo3129 photo3135 photo3139 photo3138 photo3137 photo3132 photo3141 photo3142 photo3149 photo1287 photo1301 photo1312 photo1295 photo1419 photo1402 photo1292 photo1425 photo1300 photo1293 photo1308 photo1298 photo1366 photo1304 photo1355 photo1326 photo1364 photo1372 photo1389 photo1393 photo1357 photo1410 photo1426 photo1430