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June 2002
The Galleries

My adventures in the American Southwest, which contains some of the world's most spectacular landscapes, began when I started researching The Grand Canyon.
The images displayed in the previous galleries capture only a glimpse of the stunning magnificence that is present.
One definitely needs a great deal of time to appreciate and absorb the beauty found here. Unfortunately, my visit was all too brief.
The photos of the Colorado River, in this gallery, are very dear to me. After enduring days of heat and sand, I longed for a time of refreshment near the water. Interestingly enough, most stories told about this river feature the rapids. I, however, found myself in a location where the river was calm. The tranquility soon revitalized me.
The views at: Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona, south of Kaibeto, Arizona and west of Hanksville, Utah are but a small sample of the breath-taking scenes one encounters while driving through the Southwest.
If all this tempts you to journey to this area, click on: 'Utah' and begin your own adventure...