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June 2002
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Arches National Park is in the southeastern part of Utah, a few kilometres north of Moab.
This park is famous for the more then 2,000 natural red sandstone arches scattered all over its boundaries.
The landscape consists of a red arid desert punctuated with many strange forms such as pinnacles, fins, spires and balanced rocks. Here and there pinyon gnarled juniper trees, as well as shrubs and several species of grasses, add contrast and texture to the red sandstone terrain.
The air in the park is fresh and it feels good to breathe it! Although Arches is a desert, it is much higher then the sandy hot ones further south.
On average there is less then 250 mm (10 inches) of precipitation a year, most of which evaporates or runs off before it soaks into the soil.
I had neither the time nor the desire to run all over the park to look for the arches. Instead, I focused my attention on the beautiful landscape and came up with the following photographs: