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Sept 2008

Apparently around the turn of the 20th century, land clearing and livestock grazing exposed the underlying red-brown shale.
With time, the rain and wind transformed the area into rounded hills and gullies. The presence of iron oxide in the shale gives that reddish-brown colour and the greenish-white-blue colour is due to the circulation of the ground water.

As I got to the place I remember saying to myself: "WOW"! The area is breath-taking and certainly it is a contrast with the surrounding forest. At first I noticed the strong red-brown colour, soon after the so many soft rounded hills and then the contrast between the greenish-white-blue with the darker colour. After the general view, I started to look more closely and I saw the textured cracked clay, the different sizes of the gullies, the soft lines of the hills, the beautiful light and then...I ran to the car to get my camera.