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June 2002
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Capitol Reef is located in south-central Utah.
The indians who once lived in this area called it 'land of sleeping rainbow'.
Multi-coloured cliffs, massive domes, twisting canyons and kilometres of slick rock are common sites in this park.
In the early 1880's, when settlers arrived in this area, tiny communities such as Fruita, Caineville and Albridge sprang up along the Freemont River. The most prosperous of these was Fruita, where approximately ten families were able to live comfortably off the fertile land. This settlement became famous for its orchards which dominate the landscape with about 2,500 fruit trees.
The photos in this gallery were taken along Hwy. 24, starting from the east site entrance of the park and along the scenic drive inside the park.
The rocks of Capitol Reef, mostly sedimentary, are rich in colours such as: red, yellow, green, blue and brown. When I arrived at the Park, in late afternoon, the angle of the sun accentuated the warm colours so much that, in some photographs, the rocks look as if they are glowing.