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June 2002
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Dead Horse Point is located near Moab in southern Utah.
This state park has a desert environment which affects vegetation and wildlife alike: most animals are nocturnal while plants grow little.
The beauty of this area is represented in the vista of the canyon, carved out mostly by the Colorado River which winds its way over 600 meters (2,000 feet) below the rim of the park.
Legend has it that in the late 1800's mustang herds ran wild in the area surrounding the park. Cowboys corralled herds at the end of the promontory, selected the best ones and abandoned the remainder of the herd. One day, the horses that were left behind were unable to find their way back to freedom and tragically died of thirst. It was from this legend that the park derived its name.
As I looked out over the point, I was struck by the contrasts before me: the green tones of the Colorado River against the orange-coloured rock as well as the hard texture of the rocks in various stages of erosion against the soft winding Potash Road. Truly a goldmine of photographic opportunities!