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Aug/Dec 2020

This past summer, after the Covid 19 lockdown, I needed to spend some time in the woods.
The sun, the shade, the rain, the fresh wind on my face, the singing birds, the flowers, the contrast between the blue sky and the green leaves. It felt so good!
I was attracted by the simplest things in nature. My desire to photograph came back.

I had time to reflect...

Nature is beautiful but at the same time very dangerous and we are contributing to that.
Humans? So smart but very weak. We want to explore other worlds and meet extraterrestrials. If they really exist how are we going to introduce ourselves?
Uhm! Yes...since the beginning of civilization, 6000BC, we still have not figured out how to live in peace with each other. We have invented money and that has made us greedy, corrupt and selfish. The ones that are caring and honest don't have much power. We take advantage of the weak and do anything for power. We also, constantly, use the media with fake news to brainwash the flock. Instead of feeding the hungry, our global military spending, each year, surpasses one trillion US dollars easily.

On each visit in the woods I was feeling angrier and disgusted because of this. Slowly the thick and confusing landscape started to resemble my thoughts. The strong contrast between light and dark, the bright colours, the tree trunks and the twisted branches became the good and the bad of the world that we are. Our arrogance is not going to take us anywhere! We are here for a little time and eventually will be recycled. In the meantime, we better understand that freedom is respect and that all lives matter.

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