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Sept/Nov 2021

September, with cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights, mark the beginning for hedgerows and woodlands to slowly start to change their colours.

Photographically speaking this is a special time of the year because the fall colours give me the opportunity to express my emotions best.
I do not have a preferred time of the day for photography. Although, I realize that with soft light it's much easier and preferred by the majority of photographers. Sunny or cloudy days, soft or harsh light, for me, don't make any difference. All I have to do is to adjust my way of looking at things. Nature is beautiful and should be appreciated at any time. The important thing is to listen to my feelings and anything is game.
I believe that my style is influenced by my years in fine art schooling where I learned about the: colours, line, form, geometry and shape. In photography schooling I learned about the: composition, luminosity, contrast, texture and so on...

Taking walks along trails surrounded by nature is enjoyable and relaxing.
When I carry a camera, I do not look at the: trees, leaves, grass, bushes. My eyes scan the landscape in search of the elements that I listed above and when I find the right combination and see it framed in the viewfinder of my camera, there is a feeling of happiness all over my body.
Most of the photos, in this gallery, are simple things described with partial intimate abstracts.

It is up to you on how to interpret these images! Have fun....

Outside perspective and feedback helps improve.
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