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May/June 2022

To begin with, La Linea (the line) because some of the photographs, below, remind me of the geometry and architecture drawings assigned by Mr Fulloni when I frequented the art school in Italy.

Out of nowhere, while driving, bright, silvery, shiny and straight lines appeared against a dark blue sky. They were the recently installed power lines. I was so impressed by the strong contrast that immediately thought that this would have been an interesting new subject worth studying.
At first, I started to photograph just the power lines then slowly I added the wooden poles and eventually the steel towers. I had fun in playing with all kinds of compositions and quickly, I had a collection from very simple to intricate images... MINIMALISM AND MAXIMALISM.
Sincerely...I was a little lost! What was the meaning of all this? So I begun to research these words. Minimalism is removing the unnecessary things and concentrate on the bare minimum...focus on what's important.
Maximalism is adding a lot of elements competing and playing off of each other but within chaos there is balance.
But then...I had to find out about the line...

What is the line? A Paul Klee quote: "A line is a dot that went for a walk."

I believe, out of all the photographic elements, the line is the most important and influential.
Lines are essential for the composition and to express feelings depending on how they are used.
Lines can be thin or thick, short or long, jagged and continuous or implied.
There are several types of lines and all express a different meaning:

CONVERGING: They move closer into the distance as they go from the foreground to the background.
CURVED: Movement - Sensuality.
DIAGONAL: Tension - Energy - Dynamism - Action.
HORIZONTAL: Stability - Motionless - Rest - Peace.
JAGGED and IRREGULAR: Give a sense of unease, tension and fear.
LEADING: Guide the eyes of the viewer around and throughout the photo.
VERTICAL: Growth - Strength - Confidence.

As I thought, from the beginning, this was an interesting subject and it also turned out to be most illuminating. I got to know myself a little better! Now...I hope to forget all the above because I prefer to photograph listening to my feelings and not to think of what a line does to an image.

As for you...if you had the patience to read all this, you were smart because the viewing of the images will be much more interesting.

Outside perspective and feedback helps improve.
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