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April 2008

As I previously mentioned, my subjects are friends, colleagues or strangers. The most challenging thing is to get people to pose for me. It's either because they are shy or skeptical, especially the strangers. Those who have trusted me ended up with free beautiful portraits of themselves.
For those who ask me to take their portraits there is a reasonable charge.
Why do I do this? I like photography... I like to see the framed subject in the viewfinder, I like the challenge of getting the subjects in the mood I want, I like those two hours of chatting and joking around with them during the shoot and, the most important thing, I'm always striving for a beautiful image and I feel great satisfaction when I get one.

Just below, a little about each subject and after that, a few of the many portraits taken for the past two years:

For Andrea this was her third shoot with me. I usually try to get expressions, from people, by talking to them but in this sequence of photographs Andrea took the initiative herself and whatever came up in her mind she expressed it with her face.
Try to guess what she is thinking. You might be amused.
The shoot was fun and it shows that she has become very comfortable in front of the camera.

Diane was a summer student where I used to work. Every one commented on her beauty, women also.
In this sequence, my second shoot with her, I'm only interested in showing just that: "her solemn beauty".

Hasib... oh yes. I met him at a plaza where he was impersonating a salesman and was trying to sell shoes to girls.
The thing went like this: If the girl liked the shoes, he would go to the real salesperson and ask for those particular shoes saying that they were for his girlfriend. In the end he would tell the girl the truth and then ask for her phone number.
Apparently he and his friends had a bet that the guy who did not get a number for that day would have to pay for dinner.
I found Hasib sharp and extremely polite, in all a very nice guy. He did not have much of an expression on his face during the shoot but his poses show his personality.

Iryna served me a nice lunch in a greek restaurant. She was working there as a waitress, earning money to pay for her schooling.
She was very friendly and funny, of course I noticed her beauty also and I asked her if she was interested in a photo shoot.
She is very talented and an incredible fast learner in front of the camera. For her first, ever, shoot she gave me so many different looks that in some photographs I find it hard to believe that she is the same person.

Robert is a neighbor of mine. When I'm working in the garden, he usually comes over for a chat and the day of the shoot, it had happened just that way. We were enjoying a cool drink when I noticed the soft late afternoon light on his face.
We spoke of his by-pass operation coming up, of the garden and exchanged a few jokes.
Look at some of his reactions and try to guess what we are talking about.