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Jan/Apr 2022

January 14 was a bright and sunny day with a deep blue sky.
I hadn't touched the camera since late fall. It seemed like a good idea to take it with me for a quick walk around my neighbourhood.
Once outside, I felt the polar air mass that had visited us that day. It was nice for the first few minutes but quickly my body cooled down. Within half an hour, the first fully charged battery died. It was so cold that I was thinking that I must be crazy staying out. My ears, nose, fingers and toes were frozen. In spite of this, reluctantly, I installed the second battery which, luckily for me, died after ten minutes.
While I was quickly turning to go home, I thought that the situation was hilarious. As the cooler temperatures arrive, we humans start to put more clothes on. Instead, nature teases us by slowly starting to undress until it is completely Naked during the coldest months of the year.

What a beautiful and interesting opportunity!
Here she is, all Naked and unashamed, showing all her beauty.
Different trees and bushes are comparable to all the different human races which are trying to find balance, like me, to survive this crazy and complicated world.

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