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Mar/May 2021

It was just past the middle of March. The little snow we had during the winter was all gone.
I was in new surroundings and surprised at the amount of destruction present on the forest floor in front of me. Huge trees, broken trunks, branches, bushes, vines and dead grass were scattered all over the floor. It seemed that, a while back, a tornado had gone by causing this extensive damage.

I thought that it would have been interesting to witness how the resilience of nature, apparently dead, would come back from all this destruction and at the same time I would try to put some order, photographically, to all this confusion.

With the warmer temperatures and longer days, the landscape, slowly, went from dull browns to clouds of light greens, yellows, whites and pinks, before settling in to the basic summer verdant hues. On the night of April 21, when many trees were in flower and buds were starting to leaf out, we had a snow fall. What a spectacle! Within two days, like nothing had happened, the forest continued it's waking up.

Photographically speaking, at the beginning, I was attracted by the texture of the place. I thought that my preferred colours were the deep reds, blues, blacks and so on but on this exercise, I learned that the pale greens, yellows and browns are also part of me. On the many walks along the trail, it was just nature and me with a camera. Although, almost in the middle of the city, in a few places, I could hear only the songs of the many varieties of birds present. It was also possible to breathe clean air rich with pleasant smells from the many flowering bushes and trees.

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